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ISO 22000
FSSC 22000 & PAS 220 is the latest scheme recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). It incorporates ISO 22000 Food Safety principles and adds Pre-requisite programs for food safety manufacturing (PAS 220) and creates an effective framework for food safety management, communication along the food supply chain and control of food safety hazards.
What Organizations Should Consider FSSC 22000?
The FSSC 22000 standard was drafted to serve the needs of not just food producers and manufacturers, but virtually every organization that participates within the food supply chain. The result is a set of standards that work consistently – worldwide – to assure the safety of the food supply chain. Operations covered by FSSC 22000 include:
Primary Food Production

  • Crop production
  • Feed production
  • Perishable animal products (meat, eggs, poultry)
  • Perishable Vegetable Products
  • Products with long shelf life at ambient temperature
  • Wholesaling and distribution
  • Food retailing

Related Operations

  • Pesticide, fertilizer, and veterinary pharmaceutical production
  • Ingredients and additives production
  • Transportation and storage
  • Equipment production
  • Cleaner/sanitizer production
  • Packaging materials production
  • Service providers

Why Choose FSSC 22000?
Adopting the FSSC 22000 standard can provide your operations with competitive efficiencies on a worldwide basis. With registration to FSSC 22000, you get:

  • A single, globally-accepted standard that is recognized in many countries,
  • Uniform food safety procedures that are applicable worldwide,
  • Improved communication with your trading partners by means of using one auditing platform,
  • Better understanding and implementation of food safety & HACCP principles, helping identify, evaluate, and control hazards related to food safety throughout the food production or supply chain,
  • A driver for continuous improvement, due to the standard’s management system approach,
  • and a uniformly auditable standard.

At ASYS, our Agri-Food Group is not only focused on evaluating your business processes against rigorous international and industry relevant standards, but we also understand how compliance–together with best practices and your brand standards–can reduce risk, improve the efficiency, economy, quality, and profitability of your operations.


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