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TL 9000: telecommunication industry
TL 9000 is a quality management system designed with the telecommunications industry in mind. TL 9000 was developed by Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications (QUEST) to control product and service failures in the telecom industry.

An organisation that complies with TL 9000 can have access to performance data and other resources that are valuable for product improvement. Compliance with this standard does away with expensive on-site inspections, while retaining the benefits of independent auditing.
TL 9000 certification

The TL 9000 Quality Management System was created by QUEST Forum to meet the quality requirements of the telecommunications industry.

The standard defines quality system requirements for the design, development, production, delivery, installation and maintenance of telecom products and services. TL 9000 provides a measurement system that assists companies to track performance and improve results. It provides a set of quality expectations necessary to drive efficiency and performance across the telecom supply chain.
Benefits of adoption
TL 9000 certified organizations experience many benefits including:

  • Continuous improvement of service to subscribers
  • Enhanced customer/supplier relationships
  • Standardization of quality system requirements globally
  • Efficient management of external audits and site visits
  • Overall cost reduction and increased competitiveness
  • Industry benchmarks for TL 9000 measurements

Certification process

The certification process is a multiple-step process. The certification cycle is described briefly:

  • Application for certification from client
  • Offer from ASYS
  • Offer acceptance from client and order confirmation by ASYS
  • Preaudit (optional)
  • Certification audit
  • Issue of certificate on successful completion of certification audit
  • Surveillance audits at defined interval
  • Recertification audit


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